"Whatever is going to happen is already happening"

By Harriet Staff

Publishers Weekly has a starred review of the letters of Ted and Sandy Berrigan, Dear Sandy, Hello, due out this fall:

In 1962, poet Ted Berrigan (The Sonnets) was an unknown New York writer. While visiting New Orleans, he eloped with 19-year-old Sandy Alper. Suspecting Ted of drug use, Sandy’s parents “became frightened and irrational” and had her involuntarily committed to a mental ward, although after a few months, Sandy managed to flee with Ted. By 1969 the couple was divorced. This volume vividly preserves their young love through Ted’s letters to Sandy while she was institutionalized--packed with rage, frustration, and thoughts about writing--and Sandy’s responses, reporting on her reading and the little dramas of the mental ward . . .

Read the whole thing here (scroll down).

Originally Published: August 4th, 2010