Remember Sure you do! Anyways, it still exists and it has some advice for how to improve your game. Advice from poets. About sex. What?

Here's Mark Bibbins:

If The Ezra Pound was a sex position, what would it be?
It would last longer than it should, you’d never know what’s going on, and it would get you thrown in an asylum.

And here's Jill Alexander Essbaum:

I have trouble speaking to women in bars. A simple "hello" always feels abrupt, and yet most "lines" are cheesy. Any advice for how to get things started?
You know how sometimes a person will approach you with a card that reads “Hello, I am deaf” and it’s attached to a sticker of the American flag or something else small and non-essential that he then expects you to buy? Make up some cards that read “Hello, I am smitten” and attach them to a sticker with your phone number printed on it. Failing that, send the lady another of what she’s drinking.

I'm a self-described feminist who just got out of a relationship. I've been dating again, and I always end up feeling a little offended when a guy asks me out and doesn't pay. I know that sounds hypocritical – and it's not like I don't have a job – but I can't help it. Can you believe in "equal rights" and still want a guy to buy you drinks?
If he asks you out, he should pay. Period.

There's also David Lehman, but we'll leave that up to you.

Originally Published: November 23rd, 2010