Should we even bother to post news of bad celebrity one-off poems, such as the Pamela Anderson poems we posted on yesterday? Or are such instances of so little value that they don't deserve to be mentioned? Well, who knows, but we're going to mention them anyway, perhaps compulsively and with a healthy dose of self-loathing.

According to the LA Times blog, Katie Couric appeared last night on the final episode of Larry King Live (phew!) to deliver a goodbye poem. As with the Anderson poem, there's not much to say about this. It almost resists commentary altogether. Here's an excerpt:

What are we to do without our top talker? Here's an ode filled with love from me and Miss Walker. As you hang up your suspenders on your dressing room door, I speak for us all when I say we want more. More of the show that we instantly loved, for 25 years couldn't get enough of.

Your unique take on politics, culture and crime, never cutting off guests—except for Barbara—always giving them time. You made NAFTA exciting, and that's hard to do. And you scored Paris Hilton's post-jail interview.

It can't go on, it goes on.

Originally Published: December 17th, 2010