The Glenn Beck school of poetry criticism

By Harriet Staff

"I believe," says Glenn Beck onhis radio show, "that what America needs more of is poetry."

Nice! Crazy man is talking some sense! Er, wait. Maybe he's just setting himself up to make fun of a 16-year old Stockton, California girl getting an award for her poetry:

GLENN: This is in the Bay Area and Van Jones is there and he's about to award, you know, for the greatest social justice, environmental movement kind of poetry. Here she is talking about George Bush. She was 11. She was 11 and when Katrina happened, and listen to the crowd. Play, can you play it again?

PAT: Yeah.

(Audio playing)

GLENN: She's standing and she's kind of, I don't know if I can do this.

PAT: She's kind of warming into it.

GLENN: Do it, do it.

PAT: Go, girl.

VOICE: I am a resident of Stockton, California, the southern sister of Sacramento, the baby cousin of the Bay Area. That was the standard number one applied five years ago when I was 11, when it was 2005 and George W. Bush was nine months into the second term of a presidency he shouldn't have even won in the first place. And Katrina wrecked Louisiana's ninth ward. The levees broken like the wings of a fallen angel. Disaster sounded like a drowning jazz band.

PAT: (Laughing). I love that! Disaster sounded like a drowning jazz band.

STU: That's deep. That is deep.

PAT: Oh.

PAT: She nailed it.

GLENN: Man, she's got it on the ropes now.

Stay classy, double n. Stay classy.

Originally Published: December 2nd, 2010