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New York Times snow haiku seriously lacking in yetis

By Harriet Staff

The only thing worse than bad winter weather is that it's all that anyone talks about for months. Well The New York Times has come to the rescue, or rather, its readers have, by providing creative haiku on the subject of snow to make any awkward small talk a little more entertaining. Anwar Ragep sums up the mundane wintry conversations nicely with his entry, tossing in a bed bug reference for topicality:

More inconvenience
Snow and trash and late for work
At least not bed bugs

Next time you're tempted to bring up your seasonal affective disorder over cocktails, try quoting reader Kelsey instead:

Flurries from the sky
Make me want to call in sick
And curl up in bed.

And Frank Jump gives you a poetic way to get around your family's moratorium on listening to you complain:

Crunching under foot
Once again I shovel snow
To avoid lawsuit

You have to give these folks credit. It's hard to make the slog through the snow exciting unless you live in a protected habitat of abominable snowmen. And if you're unfortunate enough to live somewhere without any snow and this does nothing to put a creative spin on your weather-related banalities, there's always Windsite.

Originally Published: January 25th, 2011