Derek Beaulieu's Local Colour has been posted as a free PDF over on Eclipse. The project is described:

Local Colour is a translation of Paul Auster's novella Ghosts. Removing all of Auster's text except for the names of colours, Beaulieu then rendered those words, positioned where they appear on the original pages, as swatches of their denoted hues.

Beaulieu may be the only writer consistently attempting to create some sort of conceptual concrete poetry. It's not simply conceptual writing, for sure, but it's also not a return to old-skool concrete practices, as it shies away from the immediacy of the image and toward more self-reflexive procedures. Anyway, this is the prettiest PDF you'll look at all day.

But at least one correction is necessary—"color" doesn't have a "u" in it. Beaulieu has plenty enough already.

Originally Published: January 31st, 2011