What do you get when poets write movie reviews? Well, you get movie reviews that sound like they were written by poets. Which is exactly what you’ll find on the new Poets on Film blog, co-authored by Hannah Brooks-Motl and Mark Leidner. For example, from a review of True Grit by Brooks-Motl:

we were welcomed most fulsomely into the quilt and pattern of analogy, its cozy folds and occasional scratch at our blinkered faces. While we admit to spending much time in concentration upon the smooth facial planes Hailee Steinfeld, attempting to figure the how and why her quest to avenge her father might feature akin to our own gallop towards the poetic, nearing the cinematic end we switched allegiance to the buzzard features of Jeff Bridges as he carted our ailing ingénue through the swirls of hope and high-plains stars and odds.

Or this, from a review of the same movie by Leidner:

The more that comes—a surprise oubliette opening moments after the villains are dispatched around our heroine—feels a little too necessary, dramatically-speaking, to compensate for the expeditiousness with which the sack of conflict we’d been waiting for was cinched in a brief puff of gunsmoke.

Grab some popcorn and some Junior Mints and some Lacanian mirror theory and enjoy!

Originally Published: January 4th, 2011