Poetry News

Bob Cobbing flexidiscs and the habit of arts organizing

By Harriet Staff

Today's Resonance FM's Wavelength podcast features the sound poetry flexidiscs of Bob Cobbing. The podcast includes some rare poems not found on UbuWeb, along with a statement about his career in Cobbing's own words from the journal Ceolfrith Number 26: Bob Cobbing and Writers Forum explains:

"I was an arts organizer before I took myself seriously as an artist. From 1942, the date of the first work for which I still have an affection until 1964, I still regarded myself as an amateur in the arts. The ABC in Sound, 1964, lead me to believe I could become professional, which I did full time in 1967. The habit of arts organizing is still with me."

Collaborators on these pieces include Peter Finch, Hugh Metcalfe, Anna Lockwood and Jeff Keen.

Originally Published: February 25th, 2011