CA Conrad’s newest (soma)tic poetry exercise involves swallowing a gemstone. (!) But you don’t have to do it alone. The exercise requires four people to take turns sleeping with a gemstone under their pillow, and then:

Wash it thoroughly after all 4 of you have DREAMT INTO IT! Then swallow it. Be certain to purchase a smooth, tumbled stone of course, NOTHING WITH SHARP EDGES. Don't die. Please. We're here for poems, this is not the time to die. Swallow your small gemstone. Don't worry you will pass it out the next day. But while you SLEEP with the stone in your belly IN YOUR INTESTINES moving to your lowest chakras DREAM with your crystal representative inside you INSIDE YOU.

Finally, after you’ve passed out the gemstone, the exercise asks that you write a poem and make a new friend of a stranger. It’s as personally intimate and interpersonally intimate as a writing exercise can get.

Originally Published: February 22nd, 2011