Poetry News

Pirating the airwaves over AWP

By Harriet Staff

Inside Higher Ed is hosting Radio Free AWP this week. Wednesday through Sunday, tune into a ridiculous amount of podcasts (between 4-5 a day, it would appear) featuring readings, interviews, contests, and audio book outtakes somehow involving William Gass and ducks.

It’s true pirate radio, internet-style, with some of my literary friends and friends-of-friends generously donating their words and time for your listening pleasure. The readings and discussions range widely, from a short story recorded professionally in the studio of some guy named Ira who evidently has an interest in American lives, to a self-produced audio essay recorded on location in Africa, to what sounds like a writer who's broken into your kitchen late at night to drink your bourbon and pet your dog, and when you discover him there he tells you a crazy-funny tale about the Russian mob stealing a river.

It promises to be "asynchronous as hell" in case you won't be present for the AWP festivities themselves, though if you couldn't make it because you're trapped under three feet of snow, the internet may still not be much help. Analog shovels beat digital ones every time.

Originally Published: February 1st, 2011