Lemon Hound features an interview with Nada Gordon on the future of Flarf. According to Gordon, many of the members of the group are, in one way or another, moving into a post-Flarf mode, and while their poetry might be still marked by Flarf techiniques, it will also be marked by new concerns. Most interesting is her claim that Flarf is and was an experiment in reviving the lyric:

Well, if I think of the pre-Flarf or non-Flarf poetry of several in the group, I notice immediately a tenacious (almost nostalgic) attachment to the lyric mode (against what was a predominantly anti-lyric mood in inventive poetry at the time the Flarflist started)… It’s almost as if Flarf emerged partly as an explosion of repressed lyricism that was avant-garde-ishly self-justifying in that it used the mask of appropriation to say what the murkiest parts of our selves wanted to say.

Originally Published: February 21st, 2011