Scottish Poetry Library visited by anonymous tree fairy

By Harriet Staff

In an audio interview with The Guardian Edinburgh, librarians Peggy Hughes and Lilias Fraser talk about the tree that appeared in the middle of the Scottish Poetry Library on Wednesday morning. Even surrounded with inspiration by some of the greatest poets to ever live, it would be difficult to find words to do justice to the paper tree, made from hundreds of intricately cut pages from books and left by an anonymous patron to honor the work of the library. According to Hughes:

"The leaves complement our strapline, by leaves we live, which is where our Twitter name has grown from. It's a Patrick Geddes quote about the idea that you reap what you sow.

"It is the perfect little symbol. The note says "this is for your in support of libraries, books, words and ideas," and it does encapsulate those things."

Fortunately, there are images along with the article and if you have a good eye you can spot the issue of Poetry in the background.