Jon Cotner and Andy Fitch, of Ten Walks/Two Talks fame, have been collaborating for years. And now they're TV stars! Almost. Internet TV stars! In a new episode of The Awl's "Cooking the Books," the poets join Emily Gould over some green juicing to talk about Basho, zits, and how they met in Boston at 19 (slightly impoverished, they were both crashing on someone's roof). Then, lucky for us, they read a bit from the book. Next up for the gents is another collaborative manuscript entitled Conversations over Stolen Food. As well, Fitch’s Not Intelligent, but Smart: Rethinking Joe Brainard is forthcoming from Dalkey Archive. Cotner lives in Brooklyn, NY; and Fitch, in Laramie, WY, where he’s an assistant professor in the U. of Wyoming’s MFA Program.

Watch Cotner and Fitch in "Cooking the Books" below. And for a teaser of the new work, check out this excerpt, "Spiritual Laws," in the Boston Review.