As part of the UK's Museums at Night 2011 Festival, Faber & Faber will be hosting a tour of The Faber Archive — but only for a handful of contest winners. Sort of like Willy Wonka's chocolate factory but for gluttons of rare books, like the publisher's "famous early twentieth century poetry collection including manuscripts of TS Eliot and WH Auden." The tour itself only lasts an hour, but will conclude with a reading by Jo Shapcott.

Archivist Robert Brown will take five lucky winners on a journey through 80 years of treasures held in the publishing giant's London office at Bloomsbury House, which is not normally open to the public.

The contest is only open to UK residents, but according to The Faber Archive's website, they're continuing to put a great deal of their archive online, including book cover images, correspondence, author photos and everyone's favorite, miscellany.

Originally Published: May 4th, 2011