Just announced: a new record label for poets! If you’ve wondered whither went Baltimore’s Narrow House Recordings or have held tightly to your 7” of Edmund Berrigan’s first I Feel Tractor album (there are maybe two of you who fit this description, but we know you’re out there), this news might make your day. SUPERMACHINE’s co-curator Michael Barron and Guy Pettit of Northampton’s Flying Object have teamed up to form Unicorn Evil Records, which will act as an imprint of Flying Object (if you don't know, FO already serves as a serious poets' collective for Western Mass, is a tightly curated poetry bookstore and gallery, and has its hand in various letterpress projects--and that's underselling it). More with a wintry Guy Pettit here (filmed by poet Zachary Schomburg):

Barron comes to the table as a busy guy too, being an editor at New Directions as well as co-founder and drummer of Holy Spirits, a Brooklyn band that serves up a beautiful incarnation of psychedelic chamber pop.

No doubt that whate’er the two gents turn out will be astounding. A hint from their site: the first two releases for Unicorn Evil will be OUE-001 Lucy Ives – Anamnesis (full-length 12”) and FOUE-002 (split 7” limited to 100 copies): James Copeland & William Rahilly – “Fade to Fax” (side A) / Alex Phillips & Bill Gillim – “Crash Dome” (Side 1). Note to selves: get turntable out o’ storage!!