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Seattle's Pilot Books to close

By Harriet Staff

Seattlest and Pilot Books acknowledge the sad fact of the bookstore's closing, with a blog post from Pilot that announced their last hurrah, a party and reading for the store ("not a wake") that took place last night in Seattle. Readers were treated to 50% off every book in the place. For one of the country's few shops that counts small-press, independent literature and poetry titles as primary among us, this is incredibly unfortunate news.

But it looks like you can still shop online--this might be the only chance, for instance, to get the regular edition of Jen Bervin's The Silver Book, which is reportedly already OOP. As well, there's an excellent compilation of smaller journals, including Caketrain, Artifice, 6x6, Matchbook, and Annalemma; as well as experimental fiction titles, comics, zines, and poetry poetry poetry.

If only we could go to the library.

Originally Published: May 16th, 2011