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Double Change: UK & American Poets in Paris

By Harriet Staff

Double Change, a non-profit organization based in Paris that looks "to discover new poets and rediscover poets in expanded bi-national contexts; and to represent in our forums poets and other artists who are in dialogue with their texts," also has a website that features both a poetry magazine and a film archive. They've just posted some terrific videos from a recent conference: The State of British Poetry Today, which was held at l’Université Paris-Diderot earlier this month. All the videos are available here, and include readings from Carol Watts and John Wilkinson (video of Geraldine Monk, who also read this same night, will hopefully go up soon). Also posted is video of David Antin, who performed with Eleanor Antin on June 17 a new talk/lecture piece called "Dreams, Lies and Histories" as part of another conference, this one called "L’Expérience II."

Take a look at Carol Watts below.


Originally Published: June 28th, 2011