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New Engineering: The No Slander Podcast

By Harriet Staff

Hark! Produced in part with Amherstmedia.org, the No Slander podcast is a "cloud pushing through a window." The show is hosted by poets Greg Purcell and Ish Klein (author of Union! and Moving Day, both from Canarium), and is up to ten episodes, having started in February of this year. What's No Slander? Well, they're "[t]alking about poetry, science, stories, games, and other exotica. Including live field recordings, strange fancies and love to you from your hosts."

The love from the hosts, seriously, is worth a download alone (all available on iTunes). Klein and Purcell are masters of chatter made unearthly. And each show is guided by a themed discussion plus a special guest reading. It's like LINEbreak meets Radiolab. The latest, just released on June 16, features Mark Leidner/Social Networking; other shows have hosted Dara Wier, Anthony McCann, Natalie Lyalin, Aaron Kunin, Michael Earl Craig, Michelle Taransky, Abraham Smith, and Sommer Browning, talking on animation, games, occupation, cosmos, the digestive system (!), the wheel, and "spring and the elements" (this list is wildly outta order: but check it all out here).

Originally Published: June 28th, 2011