Peter Falk has passed away, as you've probably heard by now. Maybe you watched Wings of Desire or A Woman Under the Influence over the weekend? Those are some of the strongest of his poetic turns, if you ask us. But also! Let us lend your Monday eyes and ears to Falk's screen debut (!), The Bloody Brood, in which he plays Nico, a small-time existentialist crook who becomes enamored with the beatniks and concocts a murder involving a fatal hamburger made with ground glass. The entire first scene is played among a bongo beat. Beatsploitation!

And in other, happier Monday fashion: If you haven't noticed, The Poetry Project has got themselves a tumblr, on which they're posting newly scanned ephemera from the archives. Check out this gem: a 1982 music video called "Uh-Oh Plutonium!" starring the one and only Anne Waldman. Enjoy.

Originally Published: June 27th, 2011