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Syrian poet and songwriter murdered

By Harriet Staff

Ibrahim Qashoush, a Syrian poet and songwriter known as "the singer of the revolution," has been murdered by Syrian security forces. An article from English PEN offers the following summary:

According to our information, Qashoush was kidnapped on 5 July 2011 from his home in Hama city, north of the capital city of Damascus, by Syrian security forces, following his performance of anti-government songs at a Friday demonstration in the city. His body was found in the Al-Assi river on 6 July 2011 with his throat cut. Qashoush was known for his political songs that were critical of the Syrian authorities and which he had performed regularly to protestors throughout the uprising. One of Qashoush's songs, 'Leave us, Bashar', directly addresses the President and ridicules his talk of reform. Another song, entitled 'Syria is longing for freedom', talks of how the Syrian people "will oust Bashar / With our strong will alone".

The piece contains an excerpt from one of Qashoush's poems as well as related links.

This article, from The Telegraph, is much more in-depth and offers video of the song that supposedly led to Qashoush's death.

Proceed with caution to this site, which shares graphic photos and videos of Qashoush's body, in addition to links to many of his songs.

Originally Published: July 20th, 2011