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Happy Birthday Borges! We Got You A Google Doodle!

By Harriet Staff

Today's Google Doodle was designed to celebrate Jorge Luis Borges' 112th birthday, according to this article from IBN Live.

From the article:

A doodle inspired by the writings of Jorge Luis Borges honours the Argentine author on his 112th birthday. Born on August 24, 1899 in Buenos Aires the poet, essayist and short-story writer had command over a number of languages, though Spanish was the language of his literature.

Born to a respected Argentine family, Borges interest in literature was triggered by the books in his father's library. In 1914 Borges moved to Switzerland with his family, where he learned French and German and also received his bachelor’s degree. While in Europe, Borges also spent a year in Spain, where he joined the Ultraist movement of avant-garde poets.

Happy 112th!!!!

Originally Published: August 24th, 2011