Poetry News

Imagine [out of nothing]

By Harriet Staff

If you're interested in labyrinthine electronic publications, you should check out [out of nothing], a magazine edited by Janice Lee, Eric Lindley, and Joe Milazzo. The current issue is #5 ([Aestes]), subtitled "out of a system declaring nothing out of relevance," while issue #0 is also in the works (the group's first print anthology). The magazine features "new works in image, sound, text and the digital arts, as well as works located at the intersections between these media," and the intersections are where things get maze-like.

An attempt to discover the contents of #5 will lead you to a page reading "Your search did not match any documents," but click on "Try a more relevant keyword, such as 'baptised'" and perhaps you'll reach a piece by Frankie Drayus called "Objectify." If you choose "image search," you'll end up at a Getty images page; the shot of horses will take you to a table of contents. The shot of the rockstar (?) lit by fireworks will lead you to Joshua Ware's "Inaudible Crossing, Interstellar Voice," which is from Homage to Homage to Homage to Creeley, and looks like a wiki page, with a poem, an explanatory note, and external links to all things Spicer. We'd link right to it, but we'll leave it to you—that's the fun part. Other issues are similarly interactive (though not aesthetically similar) and include work by Harold Abramowitz, Shanxing Wang, and others interested in the blank, the vacuum, the inconsequential, obliteration, refusal, the contentlessness, and so forth into nothingness.

Originally Published: August 3rd, 2011