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More On Noble Laureate Tomas "Buzzard Poet" Transtromer

By Harriet Staff

The Telegraph posted a short piece on Tomas Transtromer called "Ten things you never Knew about the Poet you never Knew". We certainly hope you knew his poetry. You may not have known, though, that despite a debilitating stroke he continues to play one-handed piano recitals. And there's more. Quite the fascinating character, this fella. And, totally biting on Letterman, this piece is a top ten list.

Here are a few of the ten:

4. In Sweden he is known as a 'buzzard poet' because his poetry views the world from a great height...like a buzzard, apparently.

7. Tranströmer suffered a debilitating stroke in 1990 that left him half-paralysed and unable to speak. Despite this, the poet continues to write, producing over five new works since his stroke, including his memoirs.

9. Tranströmer is not a one trick pony. Besides his successful career as a respected psychologist, he is also known as a skilled literary translator, entomologist, and classical pianist. He hasn't let his paralysis stop him either. He continues to perform one handed piano recitals throughout Europe. Impressive stuff.

Impressive, indeed. Read the rest after the jump.

Originally Published: October 6th, 2011