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Another Disheartening Update: NYPD Seizes OWS Library AGAIN

By Harriet Staff


According to the blog for the Occupy Wall Street People's Library, the NYPD has seized the library again. This seems to be an update written last night; it's the latest report to come in so far. We're attempting to get in touch with the librarians to find out more. For now:

The NYPD seized the People’s Library again tonight. We set up the library again today with 100 books, and the police came over this evening and stood in a line around the books, blocking anyone from reaching the books by creating a fence with their batons. The officers then ordered the Brookfield property sanitation crew to throw them in a trash can. We photographed it all, and video is available on the blog here. The police were asked why they were taking the books and one officer said “I don’t know.”

Having reported on all the effort put into the library, and the community built up around it, our Harriet hearts go out to the librarians. But the library is in the news, as the blog reports, so certainly these new developments will continue to make the rounds as well:

Amy Goodman writes beautifully about the grim symbolism of Bloomberg’s destruction of our library. Rachel Maddow covers this most recent attack on the library. NY1 covers our attempts to recover the remnants of our library today after it was destroyed by NYPD and DSNY under Mayor Bloomberg’s orders. NY1 aired footage of the attack on the library tonight, but it’s not yet available on their web site. LA Times covers the thousands of books that the city trashed. The Washington Post covers Salman Rushdie’s comments about the destruction of the library by Mayor Bloomberg, and features the photo of the bible that Bloomberg trashed. NYT cityroom blog covers the experiences of those trying to get their stuff back from the sanitation garage. Slate covers the Mayor’s lies as he tried to cover up the destruction of the library. American Libraries, the magazine of the American Library Association, writes about the rebirth of our library. And finally, AlJazeera covers the People’s Library and the future of OWS.

Originally Published: November 17th, 2011