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Jimmy Carter and Dylan Thomas Rock the Joint

By Harriet Staff

According to the BBC, good ol' Jimmy Carter, a major Dylan Thomas fan, will lend his voice, literally, to all who visit Thomas' home.

Check it:

Former US President Jimmy Carter, a lifelong Dylan Thomas fan, is to lend his voice to welcome visitors to the poet's Swansea birthplace.

He will introduce a new audio-visual tour at No 5, Cwmdonkin Drive which has been restored by a couple who say they are "mad about Dylan's writings".

Anne and Geoff Haden will meet Carter in Atlanta, Georgia next week.

In 1995, President Carter opened Ty Llen, now the Dylan Thomas Centre.

He and his wife visited Swansea, which was hosting the UK Year of Literature, of which he was honorary patron.

The former president said then: "For 45 years I have had an affinity for Dylan Thomas's poetry and in my opinion he is one of the greatest poets of the 20th Century.

"I bought all his books and records and remember reciting his poems to my children until they memorised them."

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Originally Published: November 11th, 2011