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It's Just Like in Workshop When Everyone Says, "This poem has that good,expensive feel"

By Harriet Staff

Abe Books lets us in on some top secret stuff here, revealing their most expensive book sales of 2011.

Here are the three poetry entries:

1. Les Fleurs du Mal by Charles Baudelaire - $14,925
This first edition of ‘The Flowers of Evil’ was published in 1857 and was Baudelaire’s first and most famous volume of poems. Six poems were banned for their erotic content.

2.The Heart’s Quest by Archibald Rutledge - $7,995
This is a signed first edition of Rutledge’s earliest work. The book itself is undated but it is believed to have been published in 1904.

3.Under The Pines and Other Poems by Archibald Rutledge - $7,200
Under the Pines was Rutledge’s second publication from 1906. This copy was signed and inscribed “O to recall/What to recall Myhew Phillips.”

Baudelaire also made the Top Ten of all genres list.

Originally Published: December 30th, 2011