A few quick aphorisms for the holiday run-up.

Every language has its poetry. Including advertising copy.

Something always gets lost in translation. Not everyone will agree what or why.

He never got to be headmaster, but Tourrete’s Syndrome didn’t stop Samuel Johnson from communicating.

You don’t need to start young to become a great poet. But don’t tell that to nine-year-old cancer patient Olivia Whitman.

You, too, can be a professional poet. All you need is confidence and a Paypal account. (And probably one of these.)

Getting holiday gifts for poetry lovers is serious business.

Poetry is where you look for it, including the intersection of art, science and microenonomics. Or poetry criticism. Or the locker room.

Yesterday is done. Tomorrow never comes. Today is here. If you don’t know what to do, see the Historic Carl Sandburg Site in Galesburg while it’s still there.

Explicit lyrics are nothing new.

When your organization is struggling, try bringing in a real rock star. Or perhaps just Donovan.

Poe is still awesome. Typewriters? Still awesome.

Originally Published: December 16th, 2011