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Tonight! The Next Objectivists talk Kenneth Goldsmith; Tomorrow night! Kenneth Goldsmith talks Uncreative Writing

By Harriet Staff

Poet Michelle Taransky will join Chicago's Next Objectivists this evening to discuss the work of Kenneth Goldsmith -- in anticipation of his reading (!) right here at the Poetry Foundation on Friday.

The Next Objectivists are a grassroots literary workshop. They gather twice a month at Mess Hall, an experimental cultural center in Rogers Park, to explore new ways of writing poetry in the objectivist mode.

They take inspiration from William Carlos Williams' 1948 lecture "The Poem as a Field of Action," which calls on writers "to seek... a new measure or a new way of measuring that will be commensurate with the social, economic world in which we are living as contrasted with the past." To that end, recent Next Objectivist meetings have covered lipograms and anagrams, feats of "Oulipean dexterity," and the problem of "we."

In anticipation of tonight's conversation about Kenny G., they've got a list of recommended reading up on their website. Check it out.

Originally Published: December 15th, 2011