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"Wearing Lorca's Bowtie" adapts a poet's words for the stage

By Harriet Staff

A new play at the Duke on 42nd Street uses Federico Garcia Lorca's poetry -- and the tale of his 1929 arrival in New York -- to evoke the lonely experience of artists in the city.

Inspired by Lorca's "A Poet in New York," the production brings together Spanish and American artists to create an impressionistic portrait that blends poetry, personal stories, music, and dance. From a recent review in the New York Times:

One scene portrays a bizarre, ominous party out of “Eyes Wide Shut,” from the perspective of a solitary blindfolded figure pushed around a room. In another theatrical flourish, a performer (Carlos Renedo) hanging on to a wide ribbon does a daredevil drop from the ceiling, his support stopping him just about a foot before he would hit the floor. These wordless scenes [...] evoke the peculiar disorientation and loneliness of navigating a new city.

Read the whole review (which is only half-enthusiastic and points to some historical clunkiness) here.

Originally Published: December 12th, 2011