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Let's Read Revolutionesque

By Harriet Staff

In more radical radical poetry journal news, you've got to check out Esque Mag Issue 3, called "Revolutionesque," which was just released today. For this one, editors Amy King and Ana Božičević asked contributors to respond to the idea of revolution. "We didn’t define what we mean by that. Whether it lives in your home, in the financial district, or the district of your heart, you defined your revolution and told us what it is. Here are y/our findings."

It's beautiful. And the TOC contains Diane DiPrima, Paige Taggart, Dan Hoy, John Ashbery, Sara Jane Stoner, Dot Devota, Jan Clausen, Filip Marinovich, Rachel Levitsky, Cara Benson, Thom Donovan, Sophie Podolski translated by Paul Legault, Gloria Frym, David Buuck, Patricia Spears Jones, Kristin Prevallet, Richard Loranger, Lily Brown, Amy Lawless, Jon Cotner, Lisa Samuels, David Brazil, Ossian Foley, Laynie Browne, Sharon Mesmer, Dana Teen Lomax, Brian Howe, Jennifer Karmin, Dale Smith, Elizabeth Treadwell, and many many other delights (108 in total!). Noelle Kocot has 13 poems here -- almost a chapbook!

There's also a special Naropa section in this issue, featuring Allan Andre, Angela Stubbs, Ariella Ruth, Jessica Hagemann, Lauren Artiles, Lindsay Miller, Matthew Wedlock, and Meryl DePasquale.

Looks like HTMLGIANT should do another survey; this one would surely rise up (had to).

Originally Published: February 7th, 2012