Poetry News

Midwest Small Press Festival

By Harriet Staff

Poets in the Milwaukee area may want to check out the First Annual Midwest Small Press Festival running from June 1st through the 3rd. Their mission:

As a small group of Writers, Bookmakers, and Artists in Milwaukee we are planning an event to celebrate the regional accomplishments in the burgeoning small press movement. We hope our efforts in organizing the first Midwest Small Press Festival in the city of Milwaukee will prove successful in establishing a regional network of literary investment, productive ingenuity, and artistic engagement. We hope to set in motion a traveling institution, in which each annual installment hails from a new municipality, furthering the regional ownership of the festival, an artistic family hosting a holiday soiree each in turn.

Small presses in the Midwest may also want to get in touch with them to find out how to help this festival grow as it moves forward. Check it out.

Originally Published: February 28th, 2012