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Anna Vitale Is a Dreamy Reciter for One Pause Poetry

By Harriet Staff

Just added to the very cool site One Pause Poetry: mp3s of "Dreams" (based on the song by Fleetwood Mac!) by the amazing Anna Vitale, "A Poem for the Insane," by John Wieners, and "I Remember," by Joe Brainard -- and all recited (in her own, sung) by Anna herself. One Pause Poetry is a Michigan-based site, with some admirable aims, it seems: "We select both established and emerging writers for our series and website, with the goal of breaking down categories and camps and encouraging collaboration and innovation across poetic forms, the arts, and media." Their umbrella org, called Copper Colored Mountain Arts (CCMA), is inspired by Black Mountain College. "With its focus on interdisciplinary study, formal exploration, personal directedness, and an approach to art that entails an open and awakened stance in the world, we feel Black Mountain College is an ideal worth revisiting." You said it.

Happy Friday.

Originally Published: March 30th, 2012