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First Denise Riley Publication in Over a Decade

By Harriet Staff

News from Ken Edwards at the Reality Street blog:

Denise Riley has published her first poetry since Reality Street's Selected Poems more than a decade ago. "A Part Song" is an elegy or lamentation in different modes, following the death of her son in 2008, and appears in the London Review of Books (9 February).

Denise has also written an essay associated with this, Time Lived, Without Its Flow, published as a chapbook by Capsule Editions.

Fellow Reality Street author Peter Riley (no relation) reviews both at The Fortnightly Review. (He interprets "A Part Song" as "a set of 20 short poems".)

It might bear repeating that you can listen to Riley reciting Milton--and relating it to Ted Berrigan, no less--here, if you'd like an incredible aesthetic experience.

Originally Published: March 27th, 2012