Poetry News

Our Week of Activities and Fun Things to Do

By Harriet Staff

Play Six Degrees of Noah’s Ark. Several of this week’s items can be traced back to a story that’s part of Judaism, Christianity and Islam. Look out for “shipping containers stacked two by two” and discussions of sanitation issues in animal transport.

Set your work to bluegrass music. Let Bill Knott be your lodestar.

Reflect on AWP. If you attended and left something untweeted, tweet it now, before it goes down the memory hole. There's a hashtag waiting for you.

Take a walking poetry tour of New York City. Jim Jarmusch will guide you.

Get on the winning team. Laurie Kasischke and Lookout Books got their props this week, as did Sheila Black and L.S. Asekoff. Act like you knew them when.

Write a cherry blossom haiku. It’s that time of year again. Rules and regs are available here.

Catch the New Star Books arsonist. Learn about this strange and sad case here.

Place your bets on the BlazeVOX/NEA smackdown. The kings of controversy are back in the ring.

Learn something new, for free. The heroes at Open Culture have posted an amazing list of 425 free online courses. That should give you something better to talk about at Friday afternoon happy hour than how "wiped" you feel.

Originally Published: March 9th, 2012