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Our Week of Grossness

By Harriet Staff

This week was not without its creepy and crawly elements.

Racism in hell! A new controversy builds around the politics of Dante’s Divine Comedy.

Gender bias! Linda Leith chimes in on the ongoing controversy around women in publishing.

Your father on the train of ghosts! Now with more haunting theme music.

Drugs! Feds intercept a weed shipment allegedly bound of St. Martin’s Press.

Creaturely smegma! Richard Hell reviews Ariana Reines.

Writing workshops! Our bud A.D. Jameson mines the insider satire in the works of the late Christine Brooke-Rose.

Commercial radio! New York’s WPJL-FM salutes the influence of poets predating Mancow.

Dirt! An “underground literature” video channel develops organically on the popular aggregator Reddit.

Slime molds! Eleni Sikelianos translantes Lorine Niedecker into French.

Austerity! Greek poets protest.

The New Orleans Saints bounty scandal! The NFL’s resident wordsmith Jabari Greer offers his take.

The mind of Mike Watt! Coming soon: An anthology of words, pictures and recollections from the eccentric, outspoken Minutemen bassist.

Posted in Poetry News on Friday, March 23rd, 2012 by Harriet Staff.