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Poets Kicks Mugger's Ass, er, Stomach

By Harriet Staff

Check this, from The South African:

60-year-old Durban-born Neil Gevisser became a London hero just 24 hours after becoming a British citizen.

A woman in Brook Green, London, was subjected to a ‘smash and grab’ attack in which her hangbag was snatched, but Gevisser, who works as a poet and massage therapist, used years of karate training to halt the attacker. The woman had been sitting in her parked car near Brook Green Tennis Courts, when the robber smashed open the window and snatched her bag.

Gevisser was leaving the nearby Tube station when he heard a smash and the woman’s scream.

The man, dressed in full cycle gear, attempted to escape on a motorcyle with the stolen handbag, when Gevisser karate-kicked the scooter over and then delivered a roundhouse kick to the man’s stomach. He then kicked him in the shins, at which point the attacker left the hangbag and hobbled away.

Originally Published: March 13th, 2012