A very limited roundup of all things AWP 2012:

Check out Ben Mirov's "#THINGSIDIDN'TTWEETATAWP" AT HTMLGIANT. An excerpt:

day 4: everyone’s feelings are hurt

Hahaha if you ever see me here when I’m fifty and I’m hitting on undergrads kill me sorry I didn’t mean that yes i did

Think I saw Jordan Castro, but it might have just been some dude with chocolate on his face.

never have I so badly wished for the zombie apocalypse to strike as when I was walking through the bookfair today

Accidentally blocked C.D. Wright on her way to the bathroom. didn’t realize it was C.D. Wright until lily Ladewig told me. Realized I had always pictured C.D. Wright as approx. 8′ tall

just talked to blank at the bar for like blank minutes. I think she thought I was blanked but I just took too many blanks

And here's a visual roundup:


Round up!

Originally Published: March 8th, 2012
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