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The Urban Dictionary Goes Literary

By Harriet Staff

Ahahahahahahahahahhahaha!! OMG! We’re loving this NY Daily News blog post that culls some literary gems from that marvelous fount of knowledge, the Urban Dictionary. Just a taste:

Sophocles: A soap brand.

Chaucer: The end of a joint.

Cervantes: An intelligent, opinionated person who poses superior wit and charm.

Shakespeare: A method of torture used by English teachers on their students for their own sick amusement; the cause of a surge of sparknotes.com users.

Keats: One who has much intelligence, yet is reclusive and worryingly geeky. Enjoys exercising excessive control over friends and family. Wears leggings. Eats pizza only.

Bronte: A girl of her own sexiness, her own way in life. Doesn’t care what people think. Very blissful and beautiful.

Zola: The act of simultaneously spamming multiple chat channels with a greeting in order to make them blink or ping.

Walt Whitman: Slang for cocaine. (Whitman was known for his long poetic lines.)

Proust: A rather impressive poke to the upper body.

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Posted in Poetry News on Monday, March 12th, 2012 by Harriet Staff.