April is upon us, and so we’re excited to be hosting another month of poetry conversation and discussion as part of National Poetry Month. As in years past, we’ve invited bloggers and “Craft Work” and “Open Door” writers to engage with each other on a range of topics concerning poetry and to focus on the what, when, where, and why of their writing and performing lives. With the line-up we’ve assembled this year, we know that this month will be lively, insightful, stimulating, and fun. We’re pleased to welcome the following writers:

Alan Gilbert
Amber Tamblyn
Annie Finch
Barbara Jane Reyes
Bhanu Kapil
Camille Dungy
Cathy Park Hong
Cedar Sigo
Christian Bök
Corina Copp
Craig Perez
D.A. Powell
Daisy Fried
Edwin Torres
Eileen Myles
Garrett Caples
John O'Connor
Julie Carr
Kathleen Rooney
Kenny Goldsmith
Lavinia Greenlaw
Linh Dinh
Mark Nowak
Martin Earl
Olena Kalytiak Davis
Patricia Smith
Rachel Zucker
Rigoberto Gonzalez
Rodrigo Toscano
Sina Queyras
Stephen Burt
Thom Donovan
Wanda Coleman

Be sure to check back in to this space often for daily updates. Happy National Poetry Month!

Originally Published: April 1st, 2012