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Occupy Wall Street Anthology Takes Manhattan

Occupy Wall Street Publishes its first Poetry Anthology

According to editor Stephen Boyer, the first ever Occupy Wall Street Poetry Anthology is nearly complete. In celebration, a reading will be held at the Jefferson Market Library in Manhattan on Saturday, April 14th from 2-5pm.

For the month of April the library is hosting an exhibition of poems from the anthology on its walls. Inspired by the energy of the People’s Library that once existed in Zuccotti park, the Poetry Anthology represents the next phase of the Occupy Movement itself—to be visible in neighborhoods and to publish.

Boyer notes that there has been much interest in this historic debut. Articles have appeared at the Huffington Post, The New York art blog Hyper Allergic and the San Francisco Center for the Book, with more to follow.

Like everything else in the Occupy Movement, the anthology is being self-funded. If you support Occupy Wall Street and would like to help see this project completed, please consider donating to the indiegogo campaign.

Originally Published: April 9th, 2012

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