After presenting an award at the the Paris Review Spring Revel last night in New York, I spoke briefly with a Big Editor about where poetry has been and where it is going. Verbatim, here is our last exchange before some imported, expensive cheeses were placed on the table:

Editor: “...for me, it seems as though the newer poetry coming out of the younger generations today—no disrespect—feels so disposable."

Amber: “What's ironic about that—no disrespect—is that someday, I am going to replace you."

It's good to be back, Harriet.

Originally Published: April 4th, 2012

Actress and poet Amber Tamblyn was born in Venice, California. She is the author of the poetry collections Free Stallion (2005), winner of the Borders Book Choice Award for Breakout Writing, and Bang Ditto (2015). She self-published the poetry, art, and photography collections Plenty of Ships and Of the Dawn, and...