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ELLE Cover Girl Kristen Stewart Checks Out Zach Schomburg

By Harriet Staff

ELLE Magazine does it again. Or is it: Zach Schomburg does it again. As he reports on his blog, The Lovely Arc, Twilight star Kristen Stewart shopped for poetry in Portland:

In the cover story about Kristen Stewart (of The Twilight Saga, and the forthcoming On The Road, etc) in the new June issue of Elle, on stands now, Stewart is followed around in a bookstore while she shops for new reading material. At one point, the clerk recommends a book of mine to her, apparently: “‘This is a young poet who lives in Portland,’ she says, laying another one on her (Stewart) ‘He’s a surrealist poet, but like, really sincere about it. He’s actually traveling right now with a puppetry troupe. I’ll read the first poem to you…’” Later in the article, Stewart is quoted as saying “All of this shit sounds really good” as she then “takes on the load” and is “ready to bounce” at the checkout line. I’m going to go watch one of her films now maybe.

Originally Published: May 31st, 2012