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For Mother's Day, Jon Cotner and Claire Hamilton Talk to All Kinds of Brooklyn Moms

By Harriet Staff


Jon Cotner and Claire Hamilton are at it again, this time for the moms. To celebrate Mother’s Day, they "talked with 20 moms during an overcast, leafy walk through Brooklyn," asking them to describe memorable moments of their motherhood. The responses are unexpected, coming from moms of dogs, grandmothers, new moms, and moms of grownups. We like this one, from Maria, above: "I had homebirths for both of them. While the younger came out, Hooks, two and a half at the time, was rubbing his new brother’s head and singing Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star. Xavier gets happy whenever he hears that song.”

Another good one: "'My son accidentally locked himself in a room when he was five. He freaked. I can’t recall how I opened the door. We went out for milkshakes.'"

You can view the slideshow at The Hairpin.

Happy Mother's Day! Speaking of, we need to get ourselves to the post office. Hi Mom.

Originally Published: May 11th, 2012