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Giovanni Singleton Wins 2012 California Book Award

By Harriet Staff

Congratulations to Giovanni Singleton for winning the 81st Annual California Book Award for Ascension! From Counterpath Books:

In this diary of intentionality, the behearer and the beholder approach the world with an attitude of longing—for less: less sorrow, less suffering. Daily practice delivers the speaker to profound meditations on the nature of the self. These poems press against our deepest held questions: what is an I? Where are my borders? What or how am I “with”? “From whom—from what—do we hide?”

Back in the fall, we pointed to a great conversation with Singleton. Topics included Zen and Tibetan Buddhism, her literary influences, music, art, the works. Congrats again!!

Photo by Sarah Collins.

Originally Published: May 18th, 2012