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Heather Christle Wins The Believer Poetry Award

By Harriet Staff

Congratulations to Heather Christle for winning the second annual The Believer Poetry Award!

From their site:

Behind each of Christle’s poems is the question of what it means to be human today, in this strange-getting-stranger world. Identities flash like mirages across the speaker of these poems—here she is as a bear “with a head full of / hazard and light”; here she is as a levitating, two-day-old cat; as a handbag; as a “half-hedgehog / half-man” with a face of glass, conversing with a tree (thus so, gloriously)—a million guises, all of them real, for the moment. In the end, though, the impression is not so much of a fragmented speaker as of an unusually sensitive young woman moving through a fragmented—a dauntingly, majestically, at times kaleidoscopically fragmented—world.

The Trees The Trees can be found here. Her new book, What Is Amazing can be found here.

Originally Published: May 2nd, 2012
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