Tom Trudgeon at HTMLGIANT reviews CAConrad's Beautiful Marsupial Afternoon! "You also see the exercise make the poem." That's about right. More:

Suddenly is a speed – in as much as it awakens us to see a constancy we’ve stepped out from. This is in large part what I suppose we all look for in literature or art of any sort. Conrad’s book is something sudden – however not in the sense of a sudden rush of fear or panic or power or adrenaline or lust. It’s more of the suddenness we feel in finding wind – or sensing even ourselves as sudden, to a tree or some thing. The subtlety of this sort of suddenness is residual and it goes along with you and for things. I like to think the book gives a newness to that which one has assumed to be known, or figured.

Conrad’s book is sinuous too. Each Somatic exercise is on a black page with white font, each poem, having been written in response to an exercise, is on a white page in black font. The modality is soothing, but keeps you thinking for polarities – in negations/negatives, as that of a photograph.

Trudgeon then excerpts from Conrad's "Storm SOAKED Bread." He writes that he's done some of the exercises, but doesn't show us (these are the reviews that could be rolling in, we bet!). However:

It’s a book for people, I should say. Everyone can be found and find in it. When I go through the work, I like to think of Conrad as more of a guide than an author. He’s there working with you and for you. I like that – it’s a caring there. It made me happy.

Read it all here.

Originally Published: June 20th, 2012
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