The Poetry of the 1980’s Conference may be keeping it old school, and X.J. Kennedy recently mourned the end of the giant-tortoise era, but we here at Harriet also embraced the future this week, where the internet will make all the rules from here on in.

Canadian Women In the Literary Arts (a/k/a CWILA, which is fun to pronounce as a word) has launched an enlightening new e-project celebrating the rise of female avant-garde poets.

Online aggregator The Huffington Post looks politics in not one, not two, but six poetry books.

An online party was thrown on behalf of the perennially controversial Ms. Gertrude Stein.

Michelle Bidding expressed herself on Soul Pancake, the quasi-spiritual web project of Rainn “Dwight Schrute” Wilson.

The sonnets of the immortal Bard finally get their own app.

Brandon Schmoda, Dorothea Lasky, Heather Christie, and some Taiwanese youngsters had international Skype chat.

Think YouTube comments are nothing but horrifying nastiness and borderline illiteracy? Luc Gross asks you to think again.

Barrett Watten launched a promotional campaign for Lyn Hejinian’s The Book of a Thousand Eyes. We are nothing if not pedagogical and moral. And we love it when the internet encourages three-dimensional book-reading.

PS but not least: A loving R.I.P. to Jeff Tagami.

Originally Published: June 29th, 2012