We love reading here at Harriet HQ and we’ll never stop doing it, not until they pry our fashionable bifocals out of our cold, dead hands. We read our favorite poems over and over again and we know them by heart. (Go ahead—try us. We’re no slouches with poetic forms, either, or Star Trek villains. Wanna dance?) But images are king on the web right now, so we took a quick breather and looked at some pictures both still and moving.

We checked out Catherine Wagner on the Dollhouse Reading Series YouTube channel, which, unfortunately, unlike the live show, isn't BYOB.

The late Ray Bradbury also appeared on YouTube. We did not read the comments.

We pored over the precise visual art of Sylvia Plath. The themes are roughly what you might expect.

We wondered what Heather Christle thought of John Darnielle’s new-tattoo suggestion. Christle strongly prefers pictures over words, at least when it comes to getting inked.

We watched TV’s Kristen Wiig cover the verse of a certain erstwhile ThighMaster spokesperson.

The abrupt rise of Tumblr has played a big part in the web’s current preference for pretty pictures over misspelled words. Sometimes, it can serve a wonderful purpose.

We watched as the world of poetry collided with the world of street art. And the world of real estate porn.

We found Salvador Dali’s illustrations for Dante’s Divine Comedy. New screensavers for everybody!

We enjoyed Robert Giard’s classy portraits of famous lesbian wordsmiths.

Photographic evidence indicated that Allen Ginsburg’s copy of The Wasteland does not appear to be in mint condition.

Until next week, at least, keep writing. Also, keep reading, as you recreate in your preferred fashion.

Originally Published: June 15th, 2012