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Review of Eric Baus' Scared Text

By Harriet Staff

Julie Brooks Barbour wrote this review of Eric Baus' newest collection over at The Rumpus. She wrote it as a list description. Here's the opening. Make the jump to read the rest.

A metamorphosis occurs among the prose poems of Eric Baus’s collection, Scared Text, winner of the Colorado Prize for Poetry. We are the audience, the spectators, but also part of the scene as we remember change in our own lives and how it felt for us. From the outset of the collection, we follow the speaker and his companions through this change.

1. We begin in darkness. Life resets.

Has the sun repaired yet? (“Spoiled Swan”)

The doves died again. The dead doves reset. I arranged them into flowers. I have never seen a flower. I have never seen a dove. (“Mirror Seed”)

2. Then, noise and space.

It felt so good to lie, all that noise loosening inside of me. (“A Delphi”)

I would like to be called A DIFFERENT HOUSE. (“A Delphi”)

The city was clovered in sound.
I like noise.
Iris likes space. She thinks it feels like snow. (“A Delphi”)

Originally Published: July 30th, 2012