Yes, we took a day off to celebrate the Fourth of July. But the rest of the week, we were hard at work at our job: indulging the senses. Think poetry is all about sight and sound? That's not the third of it.

Vision. Our old avant garde pal mIEKAL aND chatted with HuffPo to discuss his new project: an anthology celebrating poets' engagement with the visual outside Gutenbergian constraints. And Carianna Finn has no beef with Hollywood-style melodrama.

Sound. In our tradition of useful and informative coverage of fests, we mentioned the Boog City Poetry and Music Festival, happening next month in New York. In our tradition of covering the odd intersections of poetry and the broader entertainment-industrial complex, we introduced rapping Tina Fey.

Taste. Let's say you're mainly interested in poetry but you've been meaning to check out this whole eating thing. We've got two fresh blogs that may interest you.

Smell. Charles Simic doesn't need the aroma of a Proustian biscuit to recall the fireworks of Independence Day '63, and he does so vividly.

Touch. Erica Baum and Susan Howe do beautiful things with paper. We suddenly miss our old-school pen pals.

Other. J. Alfred Prufrock is still in a class of his own.

Originally Published: July 6th, 2012